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Vegan: trend or lifestyle?

Strict or complete vegetarianism, also known as veganism, is the complete abstinence from meat, fish, mollusks, dairy, eggs and even honey. Although nowadays more and more people change their diet and become vegetarians or vegans and more and more restaurants, cafes and snack bars enrich their menu with vegan options, the term is not new.

Vegetarianism is not just a new dietary trend, followed by a small portion of people, but it is a whole philosophy. It was coined as a term in 1944 by the Vegan Society, and in 1949 acquired its own definition by Leslie J. Cross. Its basic value is "the emancipation of animals from human exploitation". However, the first time the word vegetarian was used to describe people who do not eat animal products at all was in 1830 and slowly, the concept of vegetarianism spread from diet to clothing and fashion and became a way of life with various degrees!


Why vegan?

Usually the turn to veganism is for reasons of morality and philosophy, as more and more people turn to animal defense and avoid consuming products that harm the environment. It is inconceivable for a vegan to wear furs, leather and woolen fabrics or even to use cosmetics that have been tested on animals. opposes any form of animal exploitation. It is about his ideology and the values ​​that govern his life in general.


The vegan diet

Essential in any diet are proteins, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Vegans need to find the alternatives that provide them with these essential nutrients. Many people mistakenly believe that vegans eat only fruits, vegetables and legumes. Today, on the contrary, all favorite foods and sweets from cakes to pizzas can be made vegan! All you need are spices and products based on plant-based ingredients and you can create delicious recipes. Almond milk, soy cheese, vegetable creams and butter, mushrooms instead of meat, nuts, legumes, vegetable oils are just some of the vegan dietary choices.


Vegan Vs Vegetarian;

A vegetarian, who follows a simple vegetarian diet, is usually motivated by the healthiest lifestyle and aims to improve his diet and consequently his health. While vegetarians do not eat any meat, they may have dairy or even eggs in their diet. On the other hand, the diet of a vegan does not contain anything that comes from animal factors.