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Little secrets for a life full of health and wellness

Health diet, exercise and plenty of water, the secret to a life full of health! Hippocrates said that "let your food become medicine". Today, hundreds of scientific studies conclude that the father of medicine was absolutely right. It is a fact that "we are what we eat" and a balanced diet promotes health and wellness.

The right foods for health and wellness
The latest research from the World Health Organization confirms that the Mediterranean diet is not only the best for the figure, but also the ideal shield to protect the body from a variety of diseases. By adopting a balanced diet based on the daily consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, cereals, nuts, olive oil and dairy products, you give the body the energy it needs, without unnecessary fats. Once or twice a week you can eat fish, poultry and eggs, and only once or twice a month red meat.

Exercise and sleep, the body's allies
The World Health Organization draws our attention to the importance of sleep and exercise in our lives. Rejuvenating our body is vital for good health and wellness. Both exercise and sleep give the body the energy it needs, while helping to maintain a normal weight and peace of mind. An adult's body needs 8 hours of sleep daily. Herbal teas such as chamomile, linden or valerian can also be very helpful in cases of insomnia.

Internal and external beauty
Recognizing, expressing and dealing with negative emotions, such as anger, can only have a redemptive effect on our lives. A study by Finnish and British researchers concluded that by banishing negative emotions and putting laughter into life we ​​strengthen the body. Laughter releases vital endorphins into the brain, builds social bonds and has a calming effect.
In addition to inner peace, to achieve balance, you need to pay attention to the care of your skin. Wellness products, such as face creams that detoxify cells,  sunscreen beauty products and  cleansing soaps give the face and body the hydration they need.