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Organic products online

In recent years, organic products have become increasingly popular, gaining ground in consumer preference. This is due both to the shift of consumers to healthier products, which are produced without pesticides and fertilizers, and to the preference of producers to offer products as close as possible to the natural product. EXPOTROF Online hosts a variety of organic products and producers giving companies the opportunity to talk directly with certified organic producers and try their products.

What are organic products?

Organic products combine traditional quality, ecology and scientific knowledge by offering healthy food choices to consumers. Organic products, both plant and animal, are produced according to specific standards, which are defined by European legislation and concern their production, processing and marketing, while approved control and certification bodies of organic products ensure compliance with the standards. of them.

Greek organic products and exports

Greek organic products are showing a positive trend in terms of their exports, mainly to European countries and the USA, where the demand is higher with the first places occupied by olive oil, wine and various vegetables. The new Regulation on organic (848/2018), which came into force in the EU. from January 1, 2021 and is based on the principle of equivalence for organic food, opens new opportunities for Greek producers of organic products. In particular, this new model of agriculture emphasizes quality and not quantity, with the result that the development of organic farming is strengthened and is competitive. Under the new European regulation, consumers who buy a product that bears the Union's organic logo will be assured that they enjoy the same level of quality across the EU.

Why should I choose organic products?

Organic production does not use genetically modified organisms, processing aids, plant protection products, fertilizers and soil conditioners. The aim of organic production is to contribute to the protection of the environment and the climate, to the high level of biodiversity, to the non-toxic environment and to maintain a high level of animal living conditions. In addition to protecting the natural environment, organic products contribute to the protection of both the consumer and the producer. As the consumer knows through special markings the product he chooses, while the producer secures through certifications the final product offer. If there is no relevant marking on the product, it is important to request the Product Certificate which guarantees its quality. It is worth noting that inspections of certified products are carried out at least once a year to ensure that the rules of organic farming are complied with.