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Therapeutic drinks, juices and waters for health and vitality!

A person has to replenish the balance of water in his body daily, since every cell of his body is made up of water. Unfortunately, this replacement often does not result in a number of health problems, the real causes of which we do not even know.
To replenish the balance of water in the body there are drinks, juices and waters that not only give the necessary moisture to the body, but also strengthen the immune system.

Water with herbs
It is estimated that about 90% of people suffer from chronic dehydration, which occurs when only 2% of the body's water is depleted. How can you fix it? Drink at least two liters of water daily.It is better to create a mixture of water with herbs that will strengthen your body. Water is the regulator of body temperature and the one that helps eliminate toxins. A drink of water with herbs and spices improves digestion and turns water into an elixir of health and wellness. You can create your own detox water by adding lemon, ginger, cucumber, cinnamon, cloves, mint and many more herbs and spices.

Pomegranate juice for good health
Doctors say that the pomegranate is the fruit of life. Even in antiquity, it was considered a symbol of good health.
Protects the prostate, blood vessels, improves well-being, rejuvenates and adds vitality. Pomegranate juice has a beneficial effect not only physically but also mentally. Research has shown that regular consumption of pomegranate juice can help reduce stress levels.
But in addition to pomegranate and vegetable juices contribute to the well-being of the body. Vegetable juices rejuvenate, nourish, provide essential vitamins, minerals and fiber to the body, while helping to eliminate toxins and salts from the body. To make your own vegetable juice, just put the vegetables you love in the juicer!

Drinks with beneficial properties
Strange as it may sound, even alcoholic beverages can have beneficial properties in the body, especially when combined with juices and vegetables. From the famous Bloody Mary cocktail to the Mexican way of enjoying beer, Michelada, there are many combinations of drinks that one can choose. Tomato, celery, salt and pepper compose the well-known Bloody Mary and in addition to the pleasure of the cocktail, they provide the body with nutrients. So it rightly has the title of the healthiest drink. The same goes for a Guinness beer. It is made from more whole grains than lagers and is packed with nutrients. As for its antioxidant action, it has similar characteristics to red wine.
In fact, in 2003, the University of Wisconsin discovered that drinking Guinness beer can help lower blood clots and cardiovascular disease.
Finally, Michelada, the Mexican choice of beer enjoyment, offers valuable ingredients to the body. Add in a lager, lime juice and chili and in addition to amazing taste, you will have a perfectly nutritious cocktail.