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Bakery and Pastry: an industry that is constantly evolving

With a little flour, milk and sugar the baker creates the most delicious pastries and the pastry chef the sweetest recipes.

The Bakery - Confectionery industry is one of the most dynamic industries in the field of catering and holds a leading role in the food industry, as no cuisine is complete without pastries, such as bread or a good dessert.

Bakery - Confectionery and tradition
The bakery, which works with flour as a raw material, has proven that its roots date back to prehistoric times because bread has a catalytic presence in the human food pyramid. The baker with the help of technology over the centuries has greatly improved the quality and taste of what the ancients called "bread".
Confectionery is an art form and specifically the art of sweets, which combines craftsmanship and quality! The specific doses and the exact ingredients are what the result depends on. In general, Confectionery is divided into two broad categories: baked goods and sweets.

The dynamics of the industry
The Bakery - Confectionery sector is one of the most dynamic pillars of the food industry. Pastries and dessert are essential supplements in the daily diet. Bread is a basic accompaniment to every meal, while dessert comes to complete our daily menu in a delicious way.This fundamental role of bakery products in our daily eating habits has imposed the need for specialized professionals. In fact, the Bakery - Confectionery sector is inextricably linked to the tourism sector, a fact that ranks the Technical Baker-Confectioner among the most dynamic and popular professionals. Today the industry has evolved and is constantly leading the way by combining traditional flavors with new techniques.

The rise of the Bakery - Confectionery
In recent years, both media promotion and development in the field of creative gastronomy has brought significant growth in the industry. The art of both bakery / confectionery following modern nutritional needs has created savory and sweet recipes without gluten, vegan, wholemeal flour or multigrain, without sugar, with stevia and much more.
Imagination, continuous development, experimentation, craftsmanship and the use of quality raw materials are the characteristics of the industry, which is on the rise. Bakery / Confectionery is an art that combines quality with taste and aesthetic presentation.